e-Building updates and changes

See what’s new in e-Building and what we’re gradually rolling out.

March 2023   |   Ver. 2.2.0

(15/03/2023) Ver 2.2.0

Import you matterport models directly from our Platform.
Two ways to insert models in e-Building:

  • writing (copy/paste) the model ID
  • directly selecting from the list of models you created on your Matterport plan

Security improvements

July 2022   |   Ver. 2.1.0

(14/07/2022) Ver 2.1.0

  • Improved management of new Matterport models : URL now accepted
  • New feature: users Activity list on files
  • Search extension into activity list to search inside strings; improved loader during the search
  • New extensions supported between bimsource files: .STEP and .OBJ
  • Bugfix “unit” and media “move-to”
  • New modal for “not property users” in case of not processed BIM
  • Improved header usability for mobile devices
  • Mattertag media e Mattertag audio: new scroll in selection screen
  • Fixed permission management on “Move_to”
  • Minor fixes
December 2021 – February 2022   |   Ver. 2.0.x

(10/02/2022) Ver 2.0.1

Multi users functions:

  • Fix on several newest functions
  • Change user type

(16/12/2021) Ver 2.0.0

Multi users functions / Workspaces:

  • Allows you to invite collaborators inside or outside of you organization.
  • Choose which contents can work on your users.
  • Each user can be set to “edit” or “view only”
  • Can search building and contents in each workspace
  • Easy Switch from a workspace to another

New tree for folders and models:

  • The root of the folders tree is now writebale
May 2021   |   Ver. 1.5.1

(31/05/2021) Ver 1.5.1

BIM Ready:

  • Manage all your BIM models on a single platform and connect them to Matterport models. You can upload Revit, SketchUp, Autocad and Inventor files as well as .IFC, .Stp files, point clouds and many more. And all it takes is a simple click to view, section, examine, share and associate them with a tag of the Matterport model and display them in the DataBox.
    NB: This module is available only with the Gold License

My Files:

  • New massive Copy function on files/folders
  • New massive Move function on files/folders
  • New massive Share function on files/folders: now you can share a list of files and folders as an archive. The archives will be shown into a new system folder called “Shared Archives”

My Models > Matterport:

  • New “Talk and Walk” function: now is possible to create chapters for the audio file of model, tags and folders; each chapter can be linked to a position on the model, so when playing the audio (music, speech, …) the model will automatically move
  • Now you can link databox to positions and folders too
  • New function to link a folder on a tag (so, only from back-end, you can organize into this folder all the contents for you tag and reach them directly from the Databox editor)
  • Edit contents of the billboard on the tags


  • Improved several errors and notice messages
  • Solved minor bugs
  • Improved navigation and links
April 2021   |   Ver. 1.3.0

(19/04/2021) Ver 1.3.0

My Models > Matterport:

  • New “left Menu” with icons with Google Maps position and audio
  • New functions on left menu Tags:
    “Create ” FOLDERS and POSITIONS
    Each folder can contain several tags
    Each folder can have its own position in to the model
    (e.g.: each folder can bring the user to a room)
  • Add background music to the each model (choosen from “My Files”)
  • Add an audio to each tag or folder (choosen from “My Files”)
  • Dran and Drop Tags and Folders to sort them in the order you prefer

Right side into extended showcase:

  • New audio player: the audio player is shown only if there’s any audio on the model or on the current tag/folder
  • New functions of databox: is now possible to insert 360 degrees images and give a style to the text inside the databox


  • Improved several errors and notice messages
  • Solved minor bugs
  • Improved navigation and links on breadcrumbs
February 2021   |   Ver. 1.2

(18/02/2021) Ver 1.2.0

My Buildings:

  • Search text tool with auto filter on the tree; search into Buildings and Units name

My Files:

  • New folder tree navigation
  • Reload/refresh file list
  • New functions MOVE TO and COPY TO for file and folders; now you’ll be able to copy them into an another building or unit
  • Chaged system forlde name from FOLDER to DIGITAL DRAW
  • Hightlight on the last viewed file with preview tool
  • Right click on mouse to view all funtions into the list of files and folders
  • Preview: optimized zoom tool when shoing 360 degrees images on several browsers
  • Grid/list Tool view

My Models:

  • New functions MOVE TO and COPY TO to shift and copy models in the same unit or into another unit
  • Refresh button for the current model
  • Right click for all functions on the models list
  • Databox: optimized zoom tool when shoing 360 degrees images on several browsers
  • Databox: new tools for size and color for the text inside HTML Editor
  • Tags: New Autonomous management of tags directly inside e-Building (New tag, modify position, name, color, stem height, delete tag); it’s no more needed to use the matterport interface to mange tags. You can use and share the same model using different sets of tags in each of your shared model.
  • Tags: enabled right click on tag list to edit name, color and stem height
  • Tags: highlight of the current tag
  • Grid/list Tool view


  • Emproved several errors and notice messages
  • Solved minor bugs
  • Emproved navigation and links on breadcrumbs
December 2020   |   Ver. 1.1.0

(16/12/2020) Ver 1.1.0

  • New Buildings and Units Menu
  • New Menu and interface to manage Folders and Models
  • Totally rewrite of Digiltal Archive User Interface for a better User Experience
  • Change the Models menu position
  • New list of Models
  • New links and breadcrumbs for buildings and units data and edit interface


(04/12/2020) Ver 1.0.1

  • hotfix: sharing model loading inside iframes
    (workaround for latest bug on Chrome)
November 2020   |   Ver. 1.0.0


  • New aestetics of files list.
  • Simplified file manager: share of each content, share web contents, new icons on top, mutiple delete.
  • Edit file type (helps you to get the right preview and see the contens wether the platoform was unable to recognize automatically the file types or extension).
  • Multiple file Tagging.
  • Loading data optimization (for a faster interface experience)