e-Building updates and changes

See what’s new in e-Building and what we’re gradually rolling out.

February 2021   |   Ver. 1.2

(18/02/2021) Ver 1.2.0

My Buildings:

  • Search text tool with auto filter on the tree; search into Buildings and Units name

My Files:

  • New folder tree navigation
  • Reload/refresh file list
  • New functions MOVE TO and COPY TO for file and folders; now you’ll be able to copy them into an another building or unit
  • Chaged system forlde name from FOLDER to DIGITAL DRAW
  • Hightlight on the last viewed file with preview tool
  • Right click on mouse to view all funtions into the list of files and folders
  • Preview: optimized zoom tool when shoing 360 degrees images on several browsers
  • Grid/list Tool view

My Models:

  • New functions MOVE TO and COPY TO to shift and copy models in the same unit or into another unit
  • Refresh button for the current model
  • Right click for all functions on the models list
  • Databox: optimized zoom tool when shoing 360 degrees images on several browsers
  • Databox: new tools for size and color for the text inside HTML Editor
  • Tags: New Autonomous management of tags directly inside e-Building (New tag, modify position, name, color, stem height, delete tag); it’s no more needed to use the matterport interface to mange tags. You can use and share the same model using different sets of tags in each of your shared model.
  • Tags: enabled right click on tag list to edit name, color and stem height
  • Tags: highlight of the current tag
  • Grid/list Tool view


  • Emproved several errors and notice messages
  • Solved minor bugs
  • Emproved navigation and links on breadcrumbs
December 2020   |   Ver. 1.1.0

(16/12/2020) Ver 1.1.0

  • New Buildings and Units Menu
  • New Menu and interface to manage Folders and Models
  • Totally rewrite of Digiltal Archive User Interface for a better User Experience
  • Change the Models menu position
  • New list of Models
  • New links and breadcrumbs for buildings and units data and edit interface


(04/12/2020) Ver 1.0.1

  • hotfix: sharing model loading inside iframes
    (workaround for latest bug on Chrome)
November 2020   |   Ver. 1.0.0


  • New aestetics of files list.
  • Simplified file manager: share of each content, share web contents, new icons on top, mutiple delete.
  • Edit file type (helps you to get the right preview and see the contens wether the platoform was unable to recognize automatically the file types or extension).
  • Multiple file Tagging.
  • Loading data optimization (for a faster interface experience)